Piper’s Grove Series

Character Introductions

The Red Gate

Meet Emily Parsons. She, along with her middle school teacher husband, own The Red Gate Inn; a bed & breakfast with a view as vast as Texas itself. 

The Big Decision

Silas & Rose McCormack have been married 73 years. They’ve lived through wars, births, deaths, and drought. But, it’s how their marriage began that might give you an insight to their love.

This series of novellas takes a look at the people in the quiet little town of Piper’s Grove in Deep East Texas. They live what they consider to be a normal life, albeit sometimes boring. But as we meet the individuals, we learn that they are anything but boring. Every person is unique according to God’s plan. Every person has a story.

You’ll meet Mr. Mack, the WWII vet; Yancy, who owns a taxi & limousine service; Norma, the local diner owner; Luke, a college student; and Emily & Clay, bed and breakfast owners. The people of Piper’s Grove are each unique in their own way and so are their stories.

I hope you enjoy meeting each and every person who makes this small town of Piper’s Grove, Texas, a grand place to live.