Legacy Writing

What is Legacy Writing? First and foremost, it’s passing on your life stories and wishes and dreams to the next generation.

Often, the sadness of death takes with it the stories of a generation too soon gone. I say this because I know it well. I  have experienced it.

As a family, we know my grandfather’s mother passed away when he was 2 years old. He was baby #10, and my great-grandmother was delivering baby #11. That’s pretty much all we know about his life. We’ve gleaned bits and pieces here and there from online records and family tree websites, but we have nothing from him personally.

We don’t know what he did as a child. We don’t know who his friends were or where he went to school or what sports he played. We know a cousin in California took him in soon after his mother’s death and raised him until he was 14 years old.

Those years are lost to us. How I wish I had asked him questions and recorded our conversations. How I wish he’d left us his stories, a Legacy Letter.

What’s a Legacy Letter you ask? It’s a document written to loved ones telling YOUR story.

Let’s explore this further together.