About Jodi

cropped-usNot that you’ve asked, but you did click the tab, so here goes.

I’m a military wife (he retired in 2001), mom, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt…name it, I’m it.

More than any of these, I’m a Christian who strives to follow Jesus and live for Him in all that I do.

My passion is writing and telling stories. I love to talk to people and learn about their lives.

Everyone Has a Story! I believe this is true. Not all my stories, or yours,  are beautiful and flowery; some are downright ugly. But if you put them all together, they make me who I am today.

My story includes moving more than 20 times in 34 years as a spouse of a career military man. My story includes experiencing some of the most dramatic weather our nation sees annually. My story includes changing jobs every few years due to our frequent relocations.  While all these can be, and often times should be, seen as stressful situations, they are part of who I am.

I have chosen to see these stressful times as growing experiences. While moving around the country with the military, I was fortunate to be able to be a stay-at-home mom to our two beautiful daughters. I was able to help them adjust in a positive way to their new homes and schools and churches. Experiencing extreme weather allowed us to see the beauty in living through tornados in Oklahoma and Kansas, snow storms in Minnesota, and hurricanes in Texas. Were they scary times? Yes, but we came through on the other side thankful for God’s protection.

Change can be terrifying, especially when it comes to jobs. I’ve changed not just jobs due to relocations, but also career fields. With each move, I’ve been able to redefine who I am, building on the skills I already had, and forging new ones.

As an author and editor, I use each and every skill, some more than others, that I’ve developed over the past 34 years.